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All of our training is tailored to the needs of the client and participants. The following course outlines can be used as a guide to give an idea of the types of subjects that can be covered in each workshop. Before delivering your workshop we ensure that the content is designed with you in mind and matched to your specific requirements

Leading your team
Good leaders are not born; the skills and qualities of leadership can be acquired just like any other quality. Very often, the team leader forms the vital link between their manager and their team - a role that can present many challenges.

In this Learning Curve workshop, team leaders will learn how to understand and relate formally and informally to their team members more effectively, identify and utilise motivational factors and give clear direction to lead their people to greater success.
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Appraising your staff
Successful staff appraisals can improve motivation, performance and have a positive impact on bottom line results. Handled well, the performance appraisal is a highly effective management tool. Handled badly, the effects can be detrimental to the business.

This Learning Curve workshop enables managers and team leaders to create a framework for preparing, structuring and facilitating the performance review.
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Recruitment and selection interviewing is an integral part of management and leadership.
Too often the interviewing process is a hit or miss procedure in many organisations. The wrong recruitment decisions can be very costly mistakes for the company - it pays to get it right. Effective recruitment can help achieve low staff turnover, highly motivated teams, satisfied customers and a positive company image. The skills of the interviewer are of paramount importance in selecting the right 'match' for the position and in 'selling' the company and job to the right person.

This Learning Curve workshop enables participants to develop specific person and job profiles for which they can then formulate a set of effective interview questions. Participants will get the opportunity to practice their interview skills in the training environment and adopt strategies for positive change.
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Managing internal sales
Internal sales managers have a unique job with unique pressures and need to have an effective way to monitor and manage their team members. Learning Curve Training Services can help.

This Learning Curve sales management workshop will give them these skills and resources and help them to inspire their sales team. By the end of the course, they will have demonstrated improved sales management techniques and have developed a strategy for increasing the success of their team.
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Project Management
Project management is a skill, a job function and all too often a complete mystery!

What makes a project successful? Today's project manager must be able to apply the processes, tools and techniques of the trade efficiently and effectively to be successful. But few projects fail because the Gantt chart/PERT are wrong, or the roles/responsibilities are not mapped out in a matrix. More often they fail because of a project manager's inability to communicate effectively, work within the organisation's culture, motivate the project team, manage stakeholder expectations, understand the business objectives, solve problems effectively and make clear and knowledgeable decisions. Without the appropriate management and leadership skills, the likelihood of project success diminishes.

Learning Curve Project Management training focuses on providing the right 'people skills' to effectively initiate, plan, communicate, and work through a project through to evaluation.
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