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Training that makes a real difference

All of our training is tailored to the needs of the client and participants. The following course outlines can be used as a guide to give an idea of the types of subjects that can be covered in each workshop. Before delivering your workshop we ensure that the content is designed with you in mind and matched to your specific requirements

Body language
Body Language is a hugely influential part of communication. When we communicate face-to-face, 55% of the impact we make is through body language.

If we learn to recognise non-verbal communication signals and understand how our own body language can help or hinder in relating to others, we will have a distinct advantage in business and in life. In this fast paced Learning Curve workshop participants will learn how to assess non-verbal signals and to 'read' body language patterns. As they gradually build up an appreciation of the incredible power of body language, they will become equipped to build rapport at all levels.
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Assertiveness training
Assertiveness Training is applicable to anyone and everyone in the organization, regardless of what position they hold.

Increased confidence and self-assurance can lead to improved communications and relationships in both business and personal life. Participants will increase their understanding of their own levels of assertiveness, learn assertiveness skills and techniques for dealing with difficult situations and discover how to find ways to create a win/win outcome every time.

This Learning Curve workshop is highly interactive and uses practical exercises, self-assessment assertiveness questionnaires and role play to reinforce training messages.
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Presentation skills
Presentations are a necessary part of business life. Nearly everyone has to make business presentations, whether formal presentations to customers or "chalk and talk" at an internal team meeting. In every case the quality and impact of the presentation depends on the skills and polish of the presenter.

This Learning Curve Presentation Skills workshop ensures understanding of the preparation, structure and delivery of effective presentations.

Participants learn through continuous practice and self-assessment, video and review.
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Communication skills
Good Communication Skills enable us to operate effectively in the workplace. We measure how well we communicate by the response we get, but some times technological advances hinder us. This Learning Curve course is designed to help people re-evaluate their communication strategies, know their own communication style and relate to the different style that other people have by learning to recognise and respond to verbal and non-verbal communication signals.
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Telephone excellence
Telephone Skills can make or break a customer's impression of your business.

Just one poorly handled telephone conversation with a member of your staff can create an everlasting negative image of your company. One well-managed phone call can create goodwill and the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with customers and suppliers. This Learning Curve Telephone Skills workshop will teach participants how to maximise every telephone opportunity by improving their awareness and customer care skills.
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Time management
Time Management is a matter of planning and prioritizing.

People who complain 'I haven't got the time...' are mistaken. Everybody has all the time there is: 168 hours per week, to be spent 60 seconds at a time. Since this cannot be stretched, stored or supplemented, our only solution is to use it, not just fill it. Time management is actually self-management. On this single management skill depends not only your success and that of your organisation but, arguably your mental and physical health.

This Learning Curve workshop enables participants to assess their own time management skills and adopt strategies to improve their time management.
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