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What Our Clients Say

Since 1993, Learning Curve has strived to provide training that has an impact on the business as well as on the participants. Results that have led to improved performances in many areas of business and for a diverse cross-section of businesses. Take a look at the following client testimonials and then review the participants comments to find out about our impact on an organisation.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you for the recent training you have provided for my Telesales Manager. Thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions and has applied with enthusiasm the techniques you shared with her. The resulting increase in sales performance has been most encouraging - the team are now above target and achieving record-breaking sales."

"The training provided for my team by Colette Johnson achieved better results than I could have imagined. The whole team was more motivated and positive, Team Leaders were more focused and other departments in the company noticed the impact. Those who had attended the Presentation Skills training course were clearly more professional and structured in their approach to customer presentations - even our customers commented on the difference!"

Learning Curve is a highly professional company and both Company myself and my team have benefited greatly from the customer care, sales and management training they have provided on a regular basis. I have found their training to be invaluable."

"The trainer's instructional ability was of a standard that rivals any I have encountered previously. She obviously knew her subject very well, demonstrated by her ability to adapt the course content to meet the specific requirements of those attending the course. She imparted her knowledge in an interesting, professional and timely manner, structured the course well and encouraged group participation. I was left with a good impression."

"As a Call Centre team we strive to provide a high quality service to our customers, Learning Curve have helped us achieve this by providing training which has allowed us to continually improve our approach to inbound and outbound call handling and as a result add value to our service.The confidence that Learning Curve gives is the key."

Participant Feedback

Learning Curve – making it relevant to individuals. As the following participant feedback from some of our clients about recent courses shows, Learning Curve’s belief that training should be fun, stimulating and relevant to the role that an individual has to play in helping an organisation achieve its goals leads to teams that are motivated to implement their new knowledge in the workplace.

"I feel better equipped to manage incoming calls more confidently"

"The course was fun and I learnt a lot without realizing it!"

"I am more confident to structure and conrol my calls in a professional way "

"This course has given me more confidence and the correct tools to train people correctly. I have much more insight into how to prepare my training and lots of ideas to use next time I do a training session"

"Gave me a better understanding of how to prepare and run a training session"

"The course has given me some new ideas on how to improve my customer care skills. The Trainer was very knowledgeable and professional. He made the course fun."

"The course answered all my questions and concerns. The practical sessions on video were a great learning tool and really helped"

"A well run course with lots of useful information. Provided a good understanding of the aims and objectives of the PDR interview"

"Good guidance for line managers"

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Ready to talk training?
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