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Training Overview

At Learning Curve, we specialise in providing bespoke training workshops and programmes for professional development and leadership skills. Our trainers have worked with hundreds of businesses and teams, from international corporates to SME’s building a new team. We work closely with you to understand exactly what it is you need from your training, and then develop a unique programme around those needs. So really, no 2 training workshops are alike. But our training options do broadly fit into 4 main categories:

Great leaders are not born – they are developed. If you are looking to create a stellar management team within your business, then you will need to provide them with the support, skills and training they need to make the transition. And even if you’re a seasoned manager, brushing up on the practices of good management and leadership will always ensure you and your team are performing at the top of your game.

By adopting Agile working practices and methodologies your organisation will become more flexible, responsive and effective.

Agile can be a culture shift. We work with you to help embed Agile into your organisation. Clear communication and commitment all helps to create a transformational Agile environment that can make a huge difference to your business.

Our fully accredited Agile Training Consultants can work with you to make the process seamless and inspiring.

Most people dread the thought of giving a presentation. Having the knowledge and skills to prepare, structure and deliver a memorable and professional presentation can help build confidence and ensure you deliver a polished performance. We work with teams at all levels from novice to more experienced presenters to alleviate nerves and enable them to present in a natural and professional style.

Sales is a high stress, high demand role, and only the individuals with the best skills can excel in such a competitive space. But sometimes, you need a few pointers. Our sales skills workshops teach sales staff how to prepare and deliver effective presentations, the importance of follow up and other essential sales skills that can take them from average to excellent performers.

Research has shown that employees who have a personal development plan in place are much more likely to stay motivated, work harder and be happier in their role. Not only that, but encouraging employees to improve and develop their personal skills results in a significant ROI for your business. Our personal development training solutions are designed to cover the areas your team need support in – whether that’s time keeping, negotiation, telephone skills or assertiveness in the workplace.